Welcome to Helmets n' Heels

Founded in 2009, by Wendy Newton, Motorsports Adventurist

Helmets n' Heels is a project helmed by me, Wendy Newton, a motorsports enthusiast with a vast diversity of experiences with motor vehicles.  This includes everything from professional film work to racing motorcycles, epic touring adventures in cars and on motorbikes, as well as event promotions.

This website brings together my passions for motorsports and vehicles and serves two purposes.  First, those interested in classic motorcycles and auto rentals for commercial studio shoots in the Southern California area should visit the Rental Inventory tab.  The inventory grows regularly, and we also have access to hundreds of other vehicles via a network of private owners who have very interesting toys. If you are a producer or director and have a specific vehicle or prop need please contact us.  We work closely with a number of collectors and restorers in many different areas of motorsports.

The second purpose of the website is to inspire, educate and encourage other like minded motorsports enthusiasts via the News & Events page of the site.  I have always been drawn to things that go fast and the adrenaline rush that comes with them.  The confidence I gained thru motorcycle and car adventures, along with the encouragement from men and women alike has helped me to overcome that "I can't do that" excuse.  I hope these stories will provide motivation for others to start a project or participate in an event involving a motor and wheels.

Since learning of the joys and thrills of riding and driving, my love of two wheels has surpassed that of my passion for four wheels.  It has grown to include motorcycle touring, riding for commercial film and print productions, and promoting events.  I also love collecting, repairing, restoring and racing motorcycles.  I've been honored to have met and been educated about motorcycles from some highly respected mechanics from around the world.  This has given me great respect for quality manufacturing, knowledgeable mechanics, tools, parts suppliers and well written manuals!

The love for both cars and motorcycles has resulted in many regular adventures around the country as well as overseas.  I travel solo, or team up for group tests and organize tours.  Supporting and promoting motorsports events and working with major magazines and manufacturers has been and continues to also be an honor.

I have discovered that sharing my adventures, experiences and projects inspires others, and hope you get inspired too!  If you have an interesting story about your motorsports adventure or project or know of an interesting event, please let me know if you need assistance sharing it.  Send your story or project to: [email protected] with your contact information.

I had no idea how many ways you could enjoy a car or motorcycle, and like to encourage others to take their dreams to the next level, anything is possible. - Wendy aka "Helmets n' Heels".

So Let's Go!!!